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This page is a central location for links and resources for Sword and Sorcery Saga, my sword-and-sorcery conversion of WotC's Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition. Right now it is primarily a link farm, but as time goes on I'll be adding HTML versions of the ruleset, resources such as monster compendiums and so forth -- not to mention prettying it up a bit.

News: "S&S Saga Version 2.0" In Production

Using some lessons I've learned from Uncanny Midnight Tales and stealing any good ideas I could find in D&D 4E, I've started work on Version 2.0. The good news is, any existing material you may have put together for S&S Saga should continue to work.

NEW! September 15, 2008 -- "Building Encounters by XP Budget in Saga Edition" Uploaded

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